IMR Consultants, LLC Business Services for Charter Schools and Community-based Organizations
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Time + Money.  These are the essentials absolutely necessary to developing a successful business enterprise. Every executive will honestly confess they wish they had more of both.

Money allows you to acquire the building blocks of your business; qualified staff, equipment, facilities.  Time affords you the opportunity to develop your business to its highest level of efficiency.

IMR Consultants is dedicated to providing back office business services which allows you to maximize those two very essential resources, your time and your moneyWe can save you money by performing business service operations so you don’t have to. This allows you to dedicate your finances to actually delivering your services.

With IMR as your business services provider you don’t need expensive accounting professionals on your staff.  IMR takes your raw financial data and provides meaningful reports that give you a real time picture of the financial health of your organization.  With less staff to supervise there’s more time available that you can dedicate to your core business.

IMR staff are prepared to meet with you and show how we can help.  Contact us and we will schedule a meeting to start you on your way to saving you time and money.


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