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Sample Reports
Following is a small sampling of reports typically available to our clients.  A large variety of other reports are also available, each tailored to the client's unique needs.  (We've provided a sample of some of the reports.  Click on the link to view them in a PDF format.)

Bank Account Register Report - shows all of the withdrawals and deposits for bank accounts during the period.

Account Summary Report - displays established budgets by fund for each account code.  All expenditures, encumbrances and remaining budget capacity for each account code are shown, along with the percentage of available budget.

Balance Sheet - displays a snapshot of assets, liabilities and fund balance by fund at any particular point in time.

Statement of Revenues, Expenditures and Change in Fund Balance - shows revenues, expenditures and other financing sources/uses by fund and account, along with beginning and ending cash balances.  This is presented in an income statement-style format from the beginning of the year through the selected end date.

Trial Balance Report - Shows each account in the general ledger and their debit and credit balances from the beginning of the fiscal year through the selected end date.

In addition, bank reconciliations are prepared monthly.  IMR generally distributes these reports by email.  This can greatly reduce the amount of time between your request and having a finished report on your desk.

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